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Hunger and Homelessness

Applications are now open for Creative Assistant and Administrative Assistant!

🎨Creative Assistant:
Are you passionate about producing creative content? Are you able to showcase strong communication skills? Do you have a background in graphic design?

✏️Administrative Assistant:
Are you interested in facilitating a fun and welcoming office? Are you passionate about curating an accessible and equitable workplace environment? Do you have strong organizational skills?

Apply now on JobX! Link in our bio 🔗

DM us with any questions or email praxis.president@uconn.edu



Join us for Dear UConn: an interactive panel where students can learn, ask, and provide ideas for how we can address food and housing insecurity on campus. *Honors Event!

Tomorrow. April 26th, 6-8:30pm

Join the Public Health Campaign for Mental Health Yoga Day, including both meditation and yoga sessions on April 13th from 1-4 pm!!!

Meditation: 1-1:45 pm, 2-2:45 pm
Yoga: 3-4 pm

Apply now for Director or Communications, Director of Engagement, Director of Legislative Advocacy, and Treasurer’s Assistant for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

⚪️ Director of Communications:
Are you interested in being a public liaison and internal coordinator of communication for the organization?
Are you interested in curating advertisement strategies?

⚪️ Director of Engagement:
Are you interested in helping others develop tactical skills in activism?
Are you interested in facilitating a mentorship program and planning team building activities?

⚪️ Director of Legislative Advocacy:
Are you knowledgeable of and interested in the legislative process?
Are you interested in working with a lobbyist to advocate for policies on behalf of UConn students?

⚪️ Treasurer’s Assistant
Are you knowledgeable of and interested in financial management and accounting?
Are you passionate about managing student fees responsibly?

Please email praxis.president@uconn.edu with any questions.

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