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How can I learn and get involved?

  • Check out our calendar of events, in the beginning of the school year we will be hosting campaign and chapter overviews talking about ways students can get involved!

What does an intern vs. volunteer do?

    • An intern manages a specific tactic on a campaign as well as attends our activist class, they commit about 10 hours a week. Members and volunteers do not have a required time commitment but also attend meetings, work on tactics, and participate in our chapter.

    What work will I do/ whats a tactic?

    • A tactic is a specific role in each of our campaigns. For example you could create and manage graphics for visibility in social media, plan events such as a movie screening or panel discussion, contact legislators and find bills for us to lobby on…. I work on ….your campaign…. As a + your role and what you do.

    Can I work on multiple issues or a different issue?

    • Yes, most students work on one campaign but you can choose to be a part of more than one. Our activism allows us to address these issues in an intersectional way so you’ll find we have alot of over lap and cross campaign work/events we do. We also meet weekly as an entire organization so you will be up to date on all the campaigns and have plenty opportunity to talk to other members! If there is an issue you don’t see on our interest cards but think we could work on, you can always introduce it to the chapter through your own campaign proposal later in the semester!

    I’m not on campus this semester, can I join? 

    • Absolutely, digital organizing is a large part of our work especially this semester. If you are not on campus or don’t feel comfortable with in person work, we have plenty of opportunities for you to still be involved.

    Do you guys only do work?

    • Nope! We want all members to enjoy themselves and get to know each other. This semester we have a ton of social events planned both in person and virtually including coffee hours, game nights, hiking trips, etc.



    What would you want UConn Praxis to work on?

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