Public Health

Who We Are

As the public health campaign, we want to provide our UConn community with the proper resources needed to ensure that we maintain a healthy campus where we can all live, learn, work, and play. When we talk about public health we are not only discussing harmful injuries and illnesses that impact our community, we are also researching and recognizing what causes such injuries and illnesses to occur, and implementing short-term and long-term initiatives to prevent those problems.


Project Focuses

Here are the key issues that we as a campaign will work on:

  • Racism operates on many levels within our society, and college campuses are not exempt. This is why our campaign seeks to promote racial justice so that every member of our diverse student population feels as if they are a part of the community. 
  • Today, we are currently facing a mental health crisis on US college campuses, as a campaign, we want to make sure our campus provides students with access to mental health services, increases awareness, and is free of mental health stigma. 
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health is important in ensuring our campus promotes gender equality, healthy and respectful partnerships/relationships, and inclusive and affordable health services.  
  • While we navigate covid-19 as a community, our campaign wants to provide students with the necessary preventative resources and tools.


How Do We Plan To Do This?

As a campaign we plan on utilizing three main tactics:

  • Initiatives geared towards providing students with needed resources and information to tackle public health issues that exist on the UConn campus.
    • This will consist of educational panels, workshops, affordable resources, testing services, etc.
  • A student-led and collaborative appeal to the Uconn administration.
    • This will consist of recognizing what services students feel need to be improved and what services students want to see implemented, and advocating for those changes.
  • Legislative action focused on pushing for bills that promote public health.
    • This will consist of petitions, lobbying, tabling, etc.


Are You Interested In Joining?

If this campaign sounds like something you would want to be a part of, we are still looking for volunteers and interns!

Here are the internship positions available: (click here to learn more about internships)

  • Research intern
  • Events intern(s)
  • Visibility intern
  • Campus relations intern