Sustainable Skies




Mehdi Namazi


The Sustainable Skies Campaign is a brand new campaign that will be working on addressing environmental issues that affect all students. Our two major initiatives, the Trash is Trashy initiative and the Energy Efficient Uconn will be working together to assist us in our goal of bringing Uconn to a Net-0 energy and Net-0 plastic. Students across the globe have already begun to take action against the environmental inaction taken by legislators on a global scale, and we intend to be part of the movement. Students come to the University of Connecticut for a better education to take into their future lives, but with a failing environment, the impending devastation not only environmentally, but economically and socially as well, will have significant adverse effects on the lives of future students and soon to be alumni.

Our Upcoming Goals

As a new campaign, we plan to build strong campaign roots and build our environmental and on-campus coalitions in this upcoming year, to make a strong foundation for the campaign work we will be doing in the future. We also plan to build a strong foundation that focuses on the intersectionality of the climate crisis to adequately address issues that harm the environment, but also affect the civil, social, and economic human rights of our students. This means finding, creating, and participating in projects with organizations such as Student Services at USG, environmental organizations, women's organizations, organizations that provide aid to those that need additional resources, as well as organizations that foster strong diversity. We also plan to begin work towards providing environmentally sustainable life and school supplies to students on campus including menstrual products, bath products, notebooks, binders, and writing utensils. This is critical not only to get our students to use more environmentally friendly products while on campus, but also to create students who habitually purchase environmentally sustainable products throughout their lives. We will be working both with on campus organizations, as well as organizations outside of Uconn to find alternative ways to repurpose the nonrenewable materials used by students on campus and working to find ways to improve energy efficiency and effective, carbon free transportation on campus.