Zero Waste





Jessica Roberts


Save the Earth. 


This planet, its habitability, its biodiversity, and its security are all threatened. 

In recent history, indigenous land has been taken and exploited, air and water quality in low income neighborhoods has deteriorated, the planet has undergone its sixth mass extinction, and a natural process called the greenhouse gas effect has accelerated at an unprecedented and alarming rate. These are just some of the things the sprawling environmental movement has sought to change for the better. 

This group, the Save the Earth campaign, holds a special place in that movement, with a strong history. Thanks to collaborative efforts, the members of UConnPIRG’s environmental campaigns have helped ban plastic bags and bottles, as well as... Continuing in the spirit of collaboration, here’s what we’re working on, and how you can help:


  • UConnPIRG has a long history of successful legislative advocacy. In the COVID age, we are granted an opportunity to be even more involved with the state government, as all of its meetings are virtual and easily accessible. We will be focusing on issues related to environmental justice, such as renewable energy, plastic and waste reduction, land use and zoning, climate reparations, and supporting climate refugees. There are positions available for Advocacy Coordinator, and Testimony Editor.


  • This campaign is part of The President’s Commitment to Community, a vast project bringing together cultural centers, environmental clubs, and academic schools to “reduce bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination and to foster respect and understanding among the UConn community.” We are working closely with UConn’s Spring Valley Student Farm in this initiative to cultivate real-world applications of environmental justice. There are positions available for Diversity Advisor, Outreach Coordinator, and Events Coordinator.


  • Last semester we started the Save the Earth Podcast, which you can listen to on Spotify, Apple Music, and In four interview-style podcast episodes, we discussed intersectionality in the environment, environmental journalism as a type of activism, climate justice, and how to deal with the climate crisis. There is still so much more to talk about, and we would love input on which areas to cover this semester. There are positions available for Interview Moderator, Sound Editor, and Research Director.


  • Finally, for any graphic designers out there, we will be creating free merchandise for UConn Students, and we need your expertise. For anyone who isn’t a graphic designer, fill out this form to reserve your spot in receiving this free merch!