Sustainable Skies

Our Mission

We need a cleaner world from the highest parts of the sky to the lowest parts of the ocean. In order to do this, the Sustainable Skies campaign will work towards the University of Connecticut being a Carbon Neutral University, and eliminating plastic entirely from the UConn Campuses. According to the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS) the University of Connecticut is one of the national leaders when it comes to Environmentally conscious institutions, managing to acquire a highly sought after platinum rating, one of only ten universities throughout the country to do so. However, despite this, the university scored only 44.67/71 (or a 63%) in sustainable operations and a 1.77/7 (or 25%) in investments and finance. These are critical failures that need to be addressed to become a sustainable campus.


As a Campaign, our goal is to bring political and social pressure, coupled with action-based events to make the changes we want to see at UConn.


What are our plans?

Our Goals are to further initiatives to bring Uconn to Net-0 Carbon and Net-0 Plastic, here are some things we are working on!


Making biking at UConn easier to use and more accessible is something critical to Sustainable Skies mission, we need more consistent and cheaper access to biking on campus, so alternative, eco-friendly transport is available to UConn Students. This also means consistency in bike lanes and “share the road” signs scattered throughout campus in areas with no bike lanes.



Integrate anti-fast fashion alternatives in the UConn Campus. The fashion industry results in 8-10 percent of global carbon emissions, and we want to give students ways to participate in clothing in eco-friendly ways. This is why in this past semester we have partnered with Eco-Husky to host clothing swaps, a way to donate, trade, and purchase previously owned clothing. This is specifically important because thrift stores are not nearby the Uconn Storrs campus, and with many on campus students not having access to vehicles, thrifting is out of the question, further incentivizing fast fashion. 



Connecticut Higher Education Environmental Justice Conference is planned to happen this April. Education on environmental activism, environmental justice, and environmental racism are all critical to the success of our mission, and because of this we have partnered with USG’s Sustainability Subcommittee to make this event happen, this event will have panels, talks, and more to bolster a deeper understanding of environmental justice throughout Connecticut Communities.