Voter Voices

We all have the responsibility to vote. Although there is no legal requirement to vote, by participating in democracy, we are all able to cast votes to elect officials that best represent our interests.
The goal of this campaign is to not only promote how important voting is but also minimize the visible barriers there are when doing so. Understanding that young voters are the population and we hold such a diverse group, it is important that each person on and off the UConn campus has the purposeful opportunity to vote.
In the 2020 presidential election, 80 million people did not cast a vote. Of that 80 million, 30% said they did not vote because they were not registered. Ultimately, the campaign is working to see an accessible polling place on the campus however, in order to cast a vote, people must be registered. Therefore, the campaign is designed to provide the proper materials, information, and even get a registration place on campus for all students.
With these goals, the campaign will use tactics that target giving students proper resources to not only execute voting on the campus but also take those skills to wherever their journey takes them. By focusing on giving visibility to bills that give obstacles to voters and working with legislators, the campaign will give students an established voice.
The future is in our hands, we must work now.